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Home Insurance

Whether you are a new homeowner or just looking to save money, Pronto Insurance Services will find the right policy to meet your budget and coverage needs. Pronto agents will assist you with coverage regardless of loss history or location. Pronto also has access to markets that insure vacant and/or multiple homes.

Similar to auto insurance, home owners insurance is designed to prevent the insured from having to pay out of pocket in the event of a loss or claim. If a covered claim occurs, such as a fire or a theft, a homeowner’s insurance policy provides financial protection to the policy holder so they may repair or even rebuild. A typical homeowner’s insurance policy will consist of 6 types of coverage, as follows:

• Dwelling Coverage: This coverage includes financial protection against damage to the actual structure of the home (Walls, roof, foundation, etc.)

• Other Structures: As the name indicates, this coverage applied to any structure on the property that is not a part of the actual home.

• Personal Property Coverage: This coverage is designed to help the homeowner replace any personal belongings stolen or destroyed in a covered claim.

• Loss of use Coverage: Loss of use coverage is designed to provide financial assistance to a policy holder whose home has become uninhabitable due to a covered claim or loss.

• Personal Liability Coverage: This coverage is designed to provide financial protection to a home owner in the event they are presented with a law suit deriving from an occurrence on their home or property.

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