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General Liability Insurance

Many people looking for cheap Liability Insurance never truly understand the complexities because of all the jargon. Here at Pronto Insurance our agents will explain all the ins and outs of Liability Insurance so when it comes to making a decision you will be better informed. Call us today and be insured immediately.

Ponto Insurance works with multiple carriers to find a policy that will provide your business with appropriate protections at competitive rates.

Every business owner in California should consider maintaining a general liability insurance policy to protect both business and livelihood. These policies provide protections that include bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, advertising injury, and damage to rented premises.

General liability insurance policies are often combined with property coverage for buildings or personal property. Such policies, known as a BOP are offered to Main Street and retail style businesses. Contractors of higher risk businesses will normally purchase a standalone general liability policy.

The policy combines some of the basic liability coverage with property protection and other miscellaneous endorsements. Most insurance carriers offer specialized packages that will let the business owner choose the liability limit and property limit and also select the package endorsements that will be standardized between many policies.

Pronto Insurance reduces the difficulty in getting coverage by providing early quotes to bind a policy and help buyers understand how each policy works.

As a matter of convenience, the majority of our clients are able to work with our representatives over the phone where they can receive quoting, choose a policy, sign documents electronically and pay for the policy by credit card.

It is no surprise that thousands of California residents and business owners choose Pronto Insurance for the professionalism and excellent service that set us apart from other agencies. Be one of the many and call Pronto Insurance to get a free quote and experience the difference.

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